FIRST AIRED: January 19, 2017

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>> I'm here in Dakar where Adama Barrow has just been sworn in as president of Gambia in the Gambian Embassy next to me. Emma Farge reporting for Reuters from Dakar, Senegal. Adama Barrow left the Gambian Embassy here followed by a sea of supporters cheering and clapping for him as he went down the road.
You've got to remember how difficult a journey Adama Barrow has had to get to this point. Not only the challenge of getting elected in a country as repressive as Gambia, but everything that has followed since that decision of Jammeh not to recognize the election results in December. Afterwards, there'd been mediation efforts to try to convince Jammeh to step down, all the while Barrow has been in a very vulnerable position saying, he's only got body guards with no actual guns to protect him.
That was one of the reasons he came here in Dakar, seeking refuge and seeking backing from other countries willing to recognize him as the official president of the country. The risk of actually a military confrontation between the regional block and Jammneh still is there. Jammeh has not yet stepped aside, meanwhile there are hundreds of Senegalese army, Senegalese soldiers at the border with Gambia ready to go in.
At the same time Nigerian reconnaissance flights going overhead. There's still a risk of clashes if Jammeh doesn't step down. What happens next is gonna depend very much on the military in Gambia. Barrow in his speech after he was instated as president, saying that go back to barracks, put your firearms away.
Stay loyal to me, otherwise you'll be treated as a rebel. Will they heed this call? We do not know. I just spoke to a military source saying that a meeting of high level officers is underway right now. We should have the outcome and the answers to those questions soon.