FIRST AIRED: January 15, 2017

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She's back on on Twitter after a two year plus hiatus. Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen reviving her Twitter account with a tweet in English. Had a great a visit to @Twitter HQ today. That coming soon after she left San Francisco, where she was on a high profile layover that stirred up already fraught US/China diplomatic tensions.
So now, perhaps she could use it to trade tweets with another prolific user, who is already raising alarms in Beijing after taking a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan's president after his election victory. That act alone upending decades of America's One China policy Policy, that's why these folks are out in the street.
>> I'm Reuters' Jane Lanhee Lee in San Francisco. These are supporters and protesters of the Taiwanese president. The Taiwan China issue is complex, but the protesters here have helpfully color coded the issue for me. Those who are green want Taiwan to formally declare its independence from China. The ones who say they're blue are those from Taiwan who support the status quo.
And those who say they are red, the color of China, want unification. China has asked the US not to allow Tsai to enter America or have formal government meetings under the One China policy. Tsai wants to seek formal independence from the mainland, while Beijing considers self-governing Taiwan a renegade Province.
Taiwan's leader has traveled through the US before. Tsai changed planes in Houston on her way to Central America last week. While there's no signs she met with any of the Trump transition team folks, she did meet with US senator Ted Cruz and Texas governor Greg Abbott. And Cruz did not hesitate to criticize Beijing, saying they need to, quote, understand that in America, we make decisions about meeting with visitors for ourselves.