FIRST AIRED: February 1, 2017

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>> News cameras capturing a scene of carnage inside the Quebec City mosque, where a gunman opened fire over the weekend, killing six people, and wounding eight others. Footage shows pools of dried blood and bullet riddled walls. Members of the congregation telling Reuters how the suspect, 27 year old Alexandre Bissonnette, armed with two guns including a pistol, opened fire.
>> So the gunman went from this entry. This is the entrance of the mosque. He start shooting two people on the outside at the entrance, and then he came and he start shooting, if you look at that, this is a bathroom. He start shooting people here, and then he entered from that opening.
And then he start killing people on that corner, behind this pillar and at the end of the mosque. So this is the crime scene in general.>> Reuters correspondent Allison Lampert visited the mosque, where witnesses recounted stories of horror and heroism.>> Some witnesses were hiding wherever they could, under tables, in nooks in the walls, even in supply rooms.
I spoke with witnesses who helped treat injured, including a man who left a bloody trail going down the stairs after he was shot in the thigh. People are gathering here today, as the mosque tries to rebuild its trust and rebuild its confidence.>> Neighbors say Bissonnette, who posted on Facebook, that he was a fan of US President Donald Trump and far right French politician Marine Le Pen, had rented an apartment nearby, a sign that he was possibly planning to target the house of worship.
The Facebook page has been taken down since the shooting. The French Canadian University student, the sole suspect in the shooting, was charged Monday with six counts of premeditated murder. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling the slaying a terrorist attack on Muslims. The mass shooting, rare for Canada, prompting an outpouring of support for the mosque and for the nation's 1 million Muslims.