FIRST AIRED: February 2, 2017

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>> Donald Trump's swift delivery on his campaign pledges has Brussels worried about climate change, and looking to Beijing to help it lead the fight against global warming, according to EU sources. Trump has yet to act on his promises to pull out of the 2015 Paris pact on emissions.
But European officials fear it won't be long and say the bloc is keen not to go it alone. Reuters' Brussels correspondent, Alissa de Carbonnel.>> The partnership between the US and China, in the run-up to the Paris Agreement, was instrumental in getting nearly 200 nations to sign on to the landmark deal to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
And so now, China has put itself forth as a global leader on climate change diplomacy.>> Domestic anger over smog and other damage from rapid development have pushed China to act. EU sources telling Reuters the bloc's top climate diplomat will travel to Beijing at the end of March.
His eye on a clean energy coalition with both China and India, which are investing billions in solar and wind energy.>> So for the EU, looking not to go it alone on climate diplomacy in the future and to keep the momentum going, China seems the default partner. I say default because there is a feeling, nonetheless, even though the administration still has to shape its policy on climate change, that if the US takes a step back from the Paris Agreement, from its climate pledges, the EU will have lost a major partner.
>> What's more, Brussels officials fear that could embolden some EU members, like coal-guzzling Poland, to drag their own feet on climate change. The battle against global warming isn't getting any easier.