FIRST AIRED: February 2, 2017

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>> When Islamic State took over this five star hotel in east Mosul, they replaced the guests with a new kind of elite. The groups most important weapon suicide bombers and foreign fighters. Now the Iraqi army control it as the front lines shift in the battle for the city.
Going any further puts you in danger of sniper fire and mortar bomb operators, dug in, just across the river. I'm Moises Ameliwithe this is used to be an country's finest hotel and now it lies in rirerens. When the Iraqi on we were financing Islamic state strip the place in anything that can sell even in the rims in had bad missing.
>> Guests used to enjoy this view of the Tigris River. Now soldiers take aim from the balconies. 200 meters away, Islamic state is still fully in control. The army have made themselves at home, littering the place with cigarette butts forbidden under IS and discarded food it smells rancid.
One soldier tells us the militants use the conference rooms here to hold important meetings with the group's leaders, it's a terrifying though.>> Islamic state took rebranding this place pretty seriously. They remain at hotel inheritance. We found it written on one of the menus lying in the rooms.
And we hadn't seen much else in the way of papers, the soldiers here say they took most of the important documents with them, but there is a very slickly produced leaflet here all about the militants ideology.>> The next phase is expected to start soon. But retaking the west could prove more difficult.
Densely populated with narrow streets and alley ways, tanks and armored cars won't fit. Jihadist are also expected to put up a much tougher fight. Whether this place will every be replaced to its five star glory as uncertain as this cities future.