FIRST AIRED: February 2, 2017

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>> Lastly, we're going to treat each other with respect. No one will tolerate disrespect of anyone.>> As he starts his new job as the nation's top diplomat Thursday, Rex Tillerson inheriting a demoralized state department work force. Many openly resisting the dramatic shifts in U.S. policy pushed by Donald Trump in his first days as president.
Waiting for Tillerson on day one, an extraordinary memo of dissent signed by nearly a thousand State Department employees voicing deep concern with Trump's executive order blocking entry for refugees and the citizens of seven Muslim majority countries. Diplomatic Correspondent, Warren Strobel.>> In no time has there ever been 900 current and former foreign service officers signed a protest or dissent memo like this.
There are several complains. One that this is un-American. By closing America's doors to refugees. They're concerned about implementation. Trump signed his executive order without informing allies or even key congressmen. I think the main concern for US diplomats is what message does this send to the rest of the world about the United States which is seen, at least historically, as a country that provides an example to others.
>> Despite questions about his own ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin, Strobel says the former Exxon Mobil CEO starts with a reservoir of good will.>> The basic feeling at state is, can't wait for Tillerson to get here. He's not a diplomat but he seems like a sane guy who knows the world.
He's a grown up. He's better than a lot of other choices we could've been with, wanna to get to work with him. But I think he's also gonna arrive and find out that a lot of the offices are empty. Not completely empty people but a lot of the senior assistant secretaries of state and policymakers have either left or were pushed out by Trump.
>> Strobel saying Tillerson's first days in office will likely set the tone.>> He's gonna also have to deal with this angst within his workforce about whether their opinions are valued. Whether they're gonna be retaliated against.>> Tillerson has no prior experience in government or foreign policy, but his work over decades in energy development put him in contact with top leaders around the world.
>> So help me God.>>