FIRST AIRED: January 28, 2017

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all the phone calls US President Donald Trump is getting this week from foreign leaders, none is probably more closely watched than this. Trump on Saturday speaking with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Relations between Washington and Moscow have perhaps never been as strained, or as intriguing since the end of the cold war.
Vladimir Putin's military interventions in Ukraine and Syria drawing international condemnation, and punitive sanctions. Then came the conclusions of the US intelligence community that Russian spies hacked the Democratic Party in an effort to swing the US presidential race toward Trump.>> Everything I see has no respect for this person.
>> Well, that's because he'd rather have a puppet as President of the United States.>> No puppet. No puppet.>> And it's pretty clear->> You're the puppet.>> Republicans in congress said they would join Democrats in an investigation into the alleged hacking. Trump initially refused to accept hacking played any role in the election.
Then, came the unverified reports that Russian intelligence had compiled a so-called blackmail file on the American President. American spies said they were aware of the dossier but were unable to confirm any of the contents. Trump compared the US spy services, its civil servants and national security bureaus to quote Nazi Germany.
>> If we have a great relationship with Russia and other countries.>> And if we go after ISIS together, which has to be stopped, that's an evil that has to be stopped, I will consider that a good thing, not a bad thing.>> The new President has repeatedly said he wants better relations with Russia, and an alliance to fight Islamic terrorism.
The Kremlin on Saturday said Putin congratulated Trump on his victory, and that both leaders favored coordinating efforts to defeat Islamic State. Moscow saying there was no mention of easing US sanctions.