FIRST AIRED: February 1, 2017

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>> A budding bromance between US President Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli leader, not just appreciating the American's politics, but starting to sound like him as well. Reuters' Bureau Chief in Israel, Luke Baker says, in recent weeks some of Netanyahu's social media posts have had a different tone.
>> Netanyahu's, even his diction and his style of tweeting has become sort of as echoed in lots of ways, Trump's style. Very short sharp kind of tweets. Quite boastful, some very critical. And it's been noticed a lot, here in Israel, that he's becoming, as they say, almost Trumpian.
>> Netanyahu ramped up his social media presence early last year, when he hired a new American spokesman with a background in social media campaigns. One tweet which really stood out is this one Netanyahu sent last Saturday. President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel's southern border.
It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success, great Idea. He finished using two emojis, the American and the Israeli flag side by side the tweet causing a diplomatic spat between Mexico and Israel.>> But it was more the diction of the tweet, and the way that it came across, it seemed very Trump-ian.
And it led, in fact, to Donald Trump re-tweeting the tweet. And Netanyahu's sort of comments then were shared, I think, more that 50,000 times, retweeted, and more than 100,000 likes. So it got this huge play, and that, for him, was quite a standout.>> Netanyahu celebrating a Republican in the White House for the first time in his four terms in office.
Seeing a kindred spirit in Trump who's promised to carry out policies he's long sought. The budding relationship goes to the next level on February 15th when the pair are due to meet in Washington.>> Congratulations.