FIRST AIRED: December 28, 2017

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2018 is looking to be a phonetic year for big media MNA deals. I am Jennifer Sabir, a columnist with Breaking Views. And I am here in New York city in Michael's restaurant. It's a place where big media personalities come to meet over launch and hatch over details of acquisitions that may be occurring.
That's one of the big themes for 2018 is just the amount of frenzy that's going to be taking place. It's even more so than last year, and I'm here to tell you what's going on in the media landscape. Yes, so we're just coming off a huge deal. Disney announced it was buying a big part of 21st Century Fox, that's Rupert Murdoch’s empire.
And I think a lot of other companies and media firms are sitting back saying, whoa, if Rupert Murdoch sees something, what's happening in the landscape? Maybe we should be sellers, too. We need to get bigger. But this deal comes about a year after AT&T announced it was gonna buy Time Warner for $85 million.
And that was a huge, huge deal. And right now, the Department of Justice has sued AT&T. They're trying to block that deal. And the fact that Disney came out and said, hey, we're just gonna go off and buy big part of Fox is huge. So we don't know what's gonna happen.
And if the DOJ rules against AT&T, that could have severe implications on Disney and other media companies that may wanna merge. President Donald Trump is known to love Fox News. Rupert Murdoch reportedly talks to Donald Trump on a daily basis or a weekly basis. So will the DOJ Rupert stamp this deal?
I don't really think so, I think that there are gonna be concessions for Disney. And the DOJ did ask for concessions from AT&T as well. If AT&T is blocked from buying Time Warner, that means Verizon can't go and buy CBS, for example. So the whole landscape I think is gonna change dramatically over the next couple of years.
And starting in 2018, the deal frenzy is just gonna ratchet it up.