FIRST AIRED: January 8, 2018

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Did you speak with any members of the President's cabinet for this book?>> I did not.>> You did not?>> I did not.>> And did you speak with the Vice President?>> I did not.>> When was the last time you spoke with the President for this book?
>> As I've said all along here, and the White House seems very focused on this. I've spent about three hours talking to the President over the course of the campaign, the transition, and in the White House. But the important point I wanna make is that this book is not about my impression of the President.
I came into this with no agenda. I did not say he is mentally unstable. I would not be qualified to do this. I'd say I have merely described, and mostly not my impressions, the impressions of other people, of the people he deals with->> But the President denies he ever spoke with you for this book, at all.
>> Well I think he probably had no idea he was speaking to me for this book. When I would meet the President in the White House, we would chat as though we were friends. And that was what that was->> But it's not an interview to greet someone and say hello.
That's not a journalist exercise. Yeah, you said three hours, you'd spent three hours with him.>> Well, through the course, first, I have sat down with the President for extended periods of interviews. But there's other periods in which that's essentially what he's saying, they're trying to parse this.
In saying, I didn't know I was speaking to him when I saw him in the White House.>> President Trump yesterday said the book is a fake book. He said you are totally discredited as an author. Is everything in the book true?>> Everything in the book is true.