FIRST AIRED: December 25, 2017

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>> This tanker docked in Yemen's Hodeidah port on Saturday, the first since a Saudi-led coalition agreed to lift a crippling blockade on goods entering the city.
men is one of the Arab world's poorest countries, and has been wracked by famine due to war between the armed Houthi fighters, backed by Iran, and a US backed military coalition led by Saudi Arabia.
The Saudis last week agreed to allow goods to flow into Hodeidah, the main entry point for food and humanitarian aid. A sales representative of the Red Sea port said the first ship was carrying fuel.>>
> This ship should have arrived 50 days ago, but it was returned on November 6th, it now has returned to the Hodeidah port and it is the first ship we've received in 50 days.
Everyone knows the extent of the problems that Yemen is suffering from, it suffers from fuel shortages and health problems. The Saudis say the port is also a hub for the Houthis who use to bring in weapons supplied from Iran, Tehran denies sending weapons to the militants. The United Nations says some seven million people in Yemen are on the brink of famine.
And nearly 900,000 people have been infected with cholera. The entry of a fuel to a Hodeidah port means that the areas hardest hit by war can now fuel their hospital generators and water pumps, alleviating some of the pressure on the people in Northern Yemen.