FIRST AIRED: January 10, 2018

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I think that this poor guy has gotten a real bad rap. Part of it is, he did it to himself. But I was asked on TV, do I support President Trump? And my answer was a very clear one. I said when you get on a plane, you root for the pilot.
We're on a plane, we want the pilot to land it safely. And what gets me, that election is over, okay? It's done. Stop crying in your beer, those of you who voted for Hillary. Stop it, okay? What's so sad is there is so many Democrats who want Trump to fail, and in fact, they want him to crash the plane.
And they're sitting in the plane. But the fact is that we have a tax bill for the first time in, I don't know, forever.>> 86.>> That's a long time. He's reduced the funding to the UN, one of our biggest enemies. A bloated organization that hates America.
We treat them like kings and they don't like anything we do. And I'm thrilled that he reduced the funding there, eliminated the funding to Pakistan until they can prove that they're not harboring terrorists. And then he made Jerusalem capital. Taxes, UN, Pakistan, I agree with what this guy has done.