FIRST AIRED: December 23, 2017

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>> The draft resolution received fifteen votes in favor. The draft->> The UN Security Council unanimously imposed harsh new sanctions on North Korea on Friday. The sanctions aimed to punish the isolated countries' struggling economy, and force it to abandon it's nuclear and missile programs. Reuter's reporter Rodrigo Campos is reporting from the UN.
>> The most important part of this is they're trying to strangle their economy. They are limiting their exports drastically. They are limiting the imports of oil, of up to 90% of they usually could have, and oil, and other refined oil products. And importantly they are forcing United Nations members to kick out any workers there that are from North Korea, which is a source of a lot of revenue for the regime.
>> North Korea on November 29th said it successfully tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile. In a breakthrough that puts the US mainland within range of its nuclear weapons. Tensions have been rising over North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. The US and other world powers have made clear they're seeking a diplomatic solution.
They hope tougher sanctions will ratchet up pressure on North Korea leader Kim Jong-un.>> Today for the tenth time this council stands united against the North Korean regime that rejects the pursuit of peace. The Kim regime continues to defy the resolutions of this council. China which supplies most of North Korea's oil, has backed successive rounds of UN sanctions, but had in the past resisted US calls to cut off supplies to its neighbor.
>> Slash.