FIRST AIRED: December 26, 2017

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The eclipse of the century. America's biggest news event of the year that involved an incendiary orange thing at the center of our solar system. Hey, check me out. I'm Chris Dignam in New York City at the American Museum of Natural History, where many people came to view the August 21st solar eclipse.
And I'm wearing a pair of official 2017 eclipse glasses. Remember these? There were a lot of them circulating this past summer and a lot of stories about the eclipse were, too. There were end of the world predictions, short-lived tourism booms in small towns across the country, fake eclipse glasses, no eclipse glasses.
And some of the most amazing photos of the event taken by Reuters photographers. But in my view, the biggest story to come out of the eclipse that nobody's talking about was the shriek heard round the world from Reuters TV's very own Andy Sullivan.>> What an amazing sight, wooh!
w!>> Andy and I traveled to Carbondale, Illinois, where the eclipse was supposed to have the longest duration. The clouds moved in, and it wasn't looking good.>> That is a gigantic cloud that has now moved in front of the sun when we've got about 16 minutes left until totality.
No cloud, no cloud!>> After Andy yelled at the sky for a while, the clouds briefly parted and the crowd and Andy went wild. And I was wearing these eclipse glasses, but what I really needed was ear protection.>> There it is, now you can see the corona.
You can see the complete, what an amazing sight, wooh!>> Now it was difficult, but we were able to find an eclipse watcher that was just as excited as Andy was.>> And when it was visible through the clouds, took me out of my body. It felt, Awe inspiring.
Just a spiritual experience.>> I think the Great American Eclipse of 2017 reminded people how small we are in the universe and to take stock of the things that are really precious, like the planet, life, and good hearing. It also allowed Americans of all stripes accross the country from Oregon to South Carolina to share in something that wasn't partisan, that wasn't fake.
It was something that everyone could enjoy.>>