FIRST AIRED: December 26, 2017

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enes of chaos on the streets of Lima as riot police fired tear gas into throngs of protestors on Christmas Eve. The outrage erupted after Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski pardoned former leader Alberto Fujimori on Sunday, that decision exposing the raw wounds of the country's history.>>
> We're extremely happy. Justice has been done for the best President of Peru, the man who gave us peace, defeating terrorism.>> In a video widely shared on social media, a gray haired Fujimori in hospital, smiled after reading Kuczynski's announcement of the pardon on a cellphone.
>> This is total indignation. We will never forget. We have memories. We are Peruvians who are conscious of what is happening. We have to go out to the streets, we can't just sit at home and complain. It's time to speak up.>> Protestors waved placards showing victims of a bloody counter-insurgency campaigns waged by Fujimori's government.
The decision clears Fujimori of human rights violations when his rightwing government was in power from 1990 to 2000.
jimori is a deeply divisive figure in Peru. While many consider him a corrupt autocrat, others credit him with ending an economic crisis, and violent Leftist insurgency. Fujimori's family and supporters, who gathered outside his hospital room, cheered the pardon as a long overdue vindication for a hero.
But many viewed the pardon as a betrayal. Kuczynski as a candidate vowed not to pardon Fujimori. But a statement from the President's office said he changed his mind due to reports Fujimori suffered from a progressive degenerative and incurable disease. Some critics say the pardon is part of a political deal.
Just three days earlier, Fujimori's loyalists unexpectedly save Krushunski from a vote in Congress, that nearly removed the president from office. The pardon is seen as an affront to the human rights campaign, and lengthy judicial process that landed Fujimori behind bars.