FIRST AIRED: January 6, 2018

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>> Israel has an offer for illegal immigrants. Have some cash and a free plane ticket out of the country, or face jail if you are caught after the end of March.>>
>> Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says they've already expelled 20,000 infiltrators, that's the name given to illegal migrants in Israel.
And now the mission is to get the rest out. A barrier is well built in 2013 along its border with Egypt, has cut the flow of migrants from Africa, 60,000 cross the desert front here mainly from Eritrea and Sudan. Many say they're fleeing war and persecution, but Israel treats them as economic migrants.
The new plan offers them a three and a half thousand dollar payment and a free air ticket to return home, or go to third countries, which rights groups identified as Rwanda and Uganda, a move refugee support workers say is unacceptable.>> The government is telling asylum seekers now that they have two options before them, to be deported to Rwanda, or to enter detention for an indefinite period.
This is not a real choice. All of our research shows that those who've been deported to Rwanda, their lives have been seriously in danger.>> Many migrants in Israel work in low paying jobs that locals shun. One asylum seeker told Reuters they'd rather go to jail than take a chance on what awaits them in Rwanda.
Netanyahu has called the migrants presence a threat to Israel's social fabric and Jewish character, and there's little hope for migrants claiming asylum. Fewer than 1% have been granted leave to remain, and there's a year long backlog of applications.