FIRST AIRED: January 1, 2018

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Your organization's terrible.>> I'm James Oliphant, a White House Correspondent for Reuters, and as President Trump has continued to attack the news media.>> The news is fake.>> Labeling news reports he doesn't like, fake news, and suggesting that some of the media have an agenda to undermine him, that’s left the media in a difficult dilemma.
>> It's time to expose the crooked media deceptions.>> Well, as we've seen over the year, Trump takes every occasion he can, particularly, when he's speaking to a friendly crowd at a political rally to bash the press. But there's always been hostility between the press corps and the White House, that is the nature of the job.
What's different with Donald Trump, is that we've seen some really notable examples of him taking this to the extreme. There was the moment when NBC reported that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had called the President a moron. The President responded by threatening to take away NBC's broadcast license, a power that he simply does not have.
But at the same time, there have been also situations that have played into Trump's attack on the news media. Even in the last few weeks, there have been some corrections by both CNN and ABC on Russia-related investigative stories. And that simply has played into the narrative, that the news media can't be trusted.
>> Quiet, quiet.>> Everybody is on notice to make sure that their reporting is as concise and as correct as possible.>> There's nobody I have more respect for, well, maybe a little bit, but than reporters, than good reporters.>> There sometimes is some credibility to the administration's argument that sometimes the good news doesn't get reported.
So when we see things like the stock market booming or we see retail sales over the holidays, and necessarily don't want to attribute those things to this administration. We have to ask ourselves if we're really being fair, and I think that that is the lens through which we always have to examine.
All of this is step back, try not to take Trump's attacks personally and make sure that we're being as fair with this administration as we can be, just like we would be with anybody else, who's president right now.>> I just see many, many untruthful things and I'll tell you