FIRST AIRED: January 3, 2018

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Multiple sexual abuse claims against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein dramatically tipped the scales towards survivors of sexual assault in 2017, triggering a worldwide call for change. I’m Lisa Burnhart for Reuters TV. After exposes in the New York Times and the New Yorker alleged horrible abuses by Weinstein, a wave of allegations by more than 50 women led to his virtual banishment from the cultural landscape.
It had already washed over Bill Cosby following allegations by more than 50 women. The late Fox News CEO Roger Ales was fired over harassment claims. And Donald Trump, by then running for America's highest office, was seen bragging about groping women's body parts in an old Access Hollywood video.
>> I said it. I was wrong, and I apologize.>> Millions of women and men turned his words on their heads by donning pink pussy hats for the biggest one-day protest in US history. And that strength in numbers grew throughout the year. Women, some famous, most not, stepped out of the shadows to accuse several more among society’s elite of preying upon the less powerful.
Among them, comedian Louis CK, whose films and shows were scrubbed from studio rosters after he admitted to making unwanted sexual advances towards seveal women. And it wasn't only women who made disturbing claims, Kevin Spacey's career collapsed after several men accused him of making unwanted advances, some while in their teens.
Spacey has apologized for one incident but has not addressed claims made by more than 30 other people. And two out of three network morning shows fired their male anchors amidst sexual misconduct claims.>> I never in a million years thought that the we, Chalie Rose, CBS, would be involved in the story in this way that we are.
>> Both apologized and said some of the accusations were either untrue or inaccurate. Allegations against republican Roy Moore that ended the Alabama senate race after many GOP leaders pulled their support. Moore's eventual defeat in the deepley red state came after several women said he persued them as teenagers while he was in his thirties, claims he has denied.
Reuters has not independently verified claims made against any of the accused. The result is still unfolding, fanned by a viral Me too movement with women sharing their painful stories. Congress is working on a bipartisan bill to protect victims and require lawmakers to pay for their own settlements. And companies like Microsoft are taking a closer look at their harassment policies, altering them where needed.