FIRST AIRED: December 27, 2017

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>> In the vast Mojave Desert, the union pacific freight trains pass through dwindling towns without stopping. But almost 150 years after the Gold Rush brought prospectors to this area on the California Nevada border a different sort of entrepreneur has arrived, hoping to strike it rich.>> I'm Rueter's Jane Lanhe Lee, here in Nipton, California.
This is an old trading post during the Gold Rush, gold, and cattle used to get loaded up on to the train and shipped out of here. And this place is getting a chance at a come back now, thanks to pot.>> California is set to legalize weed for recreational use right at the start of 2018.
The cannabis company, American Green, bought all 80 acres of Nipton, now home to nearly 30 people, for $5 million. The plan, transform the town, just an hour from Las Vegas, into a marijuana lover's vacation spot.>> I'm the mayor of Nipton, and welcome to the big city of Nipton.
>> Jim Slinger calls himself the mayor of Nipton, in truth, the place is an unincorporated town and has no mayor. As Slinger works at the store in the hotel and cares for the property and visiting guest. He's worked here for eight years and has stayed with the new owner, American Green, which is giving the place a make over.
American Green is planning to build dozens of hotel rooms, mineral baths, a craft brewery, a farm to table eatery, and other marijuana related businesses. Steven Sheeran is in-charge of the project and has a vision whole weedconomy.>> Well the vision is to create an environment that will sustain business operating in and around cannabis.
>> There are even plans with a canabbis vending machine.>> Nobody has to call Coca-Cola before they bought Coca-Cola out of a machine, right? So once you know there's a brand and a product you like, you also don't wanna stand behind people in line who are trying to ask those questions.
What's indica? What's sativa? Should I vape it? Should I eat it? What should I do?>> American Green hopes holiday goers will come with their questions of marijuana and kick back in their new cannabis resort, an attempt at launching what it calls the next green rush.