FIRST AIRED: January 9, 2018

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When it comes to Chinese acquisitions into European soccer and vice versa, the score is 3 billion, nil. 2015 and 2016 saw some headline-grabbing Chinese acquisitions in Europe, Inter Milan, AC Milan, and beyond. That all ended at the start of 2017 when Beijing put its foot down, no more irrational exuberance in football, maybe time for a deal the other way.
Abu Dhabi and Chinese owned group behind Manchester City may be best placed. They have a global network of clubs already, they have a Chinese investor, they also have good political connections. When Xi Jinping visited, the selfie that he took was with David Cameron and Sergio Agüero at Manchester City's grounds.
Of course, for all clubs in Europe and in European football, China is a field of dreams, 1.4 billion potential fans, none of them paying much at the moment, but all with huge potential. TV revenues, a government that supports football, that wants to host and win the World Cup, wants to create a domestic sports market worth $800 billion by 2025.
English clubs in particular have been quick to realize the potential of China and the efforts, stepping into China and acquiring something did not go well. Sheffield United into the Chengdu Blades that ended in a match-fixing scandal. So T.V. with news are extremely low, the moment the annual revenues for a CSL club would barely cover a month of Carlos Tevez's salary.
One key problem is going to be the price tag, the acquisition of Beijing Guoan, for how did you did recently at the same or more rather than AC Milan. If 30 football group can square that particular circle, this would be an interesting transfer.