FIRST AIRED: January 10, 2018

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>> We desperately need the wall.>> President Trump is pushing Congress to build the wall as his condition for saving thousands of young immigrants from deportation.>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington where Trump, the immigration hardliner is now talking of a possible deal that in theory has something for everybody.
Telling law makers at the White House that he's willing to protect some illegal immigrants if Congress builds his signature wall along the Mexican border. But Republicans and Democrats still have a lot to work out before Trump can sign anything into law.>> Congressional Republicans and Democrats met with Trump at the White House on Tuesday in a high stakes bid to head off a looming government shut down, while at the same time tackling one of the most divisive issues in politics, immigration.
Democrats want Congress to protect people brought to the US illegally as children, known as dreamers. After Trump ended their legal residency status, putting them under threat of deportation.>> There are many of these young people who are losing the potential. So lives are hanging in the balance of our getting the job done.
>> Trump says he's open to giving the dreamers some sort of permanent legal status, as long as lawmakers scale back two immigration programs. One that allows people to bring family members to the United States and another that draws immigrants primarily from Africa. And of course there's the wall.
Trump is asking for 33 billion dollars for border security. More then half of that will go towards his border wall. But democrats are digging in.>> Look, a wall is the fourteen century solution to a twenty-first century issue that we have.>> There's not much time to find common ground, government funding runs out in 10 days and the dispute could trigger a federal shut down if both sides can't compromise.
>> We'll see how it all turns out, this should be a by-partisan bill it should be a bill of love. Surely should be a bill of love, and we can do that.>> Trump's Republicans control Capital Hill but they'll need Democratic votes in the Senate to make it all work.
>> Democrats are saying that this immigration deal needs to be part of a must-pass spending bill that would keep the government operating past January 19th, but Republicans are saying that spending and immigration should be kept separate. Trump's saying he's willing to sign anything that law makers send his way.
But they still have a lot to sort out in order to avoid a possible government shut- down.