FIRST AIRED: January 10, 2018

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>> Joe Arpaio, the controversial former Arizona sheriff President Trump pardoned in August, says he's now running for the US Senate. Known for his crack down on undocumented immigrants and investigating Trump supported claims questioning former President Barack Obama's citizenship. The 85 year old said Tuesday that he is running quote for one unwavering reason.
Support the agenda and policies of President Donald Trump in his mission to make America great again. Sheriff Joe had been convicted of criminal contempt in a racial profiling case, for ignoring a 2011 junction barring his officers from stopping and detaining Latino motorists. The president then let him off the hook before Arpaio could be sentenced.
>> Was Sheriff Joe convicted for doing his job?>> Yes!>> That's what.>> Civil rights activists slam Trump's decision as an endorsement of racist and unlawful immigration policies. Once proudly referred to a large, open air prison he operated as a quote, concentration camp, he lost his bid for reelection in 2016.
The Arizona seat is up for grabs after Jeff Flake, a prominent Republican critic of the president, announced he was retiring. The controversial sherif's run could pose a challenge for the GOP, which is down to just a one seat majority in the US Senate. Arpile will likely campaign as a hard line conservative loyal to President Trump but the president risks being embarrassed by another candidate like Roy Moore who, while loyal, may have too much baggage to win.
And even if Arpaio loses the nomination an ugly primary could weaken the republican candidate chances in an increasingly purple state.>> An illegal immigrants.