FIRST AIRED: January 6, 2018

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>> With last year's US drones sales topping a billion dollars for the first time, more Americans than ever are flying the unmanned aerial vehicles and not always sober. That's why New Jersey is slated to vote Monday on a bill approved by the state Senate to ban drunk droning.
Reuters correspondent Barbara Goldberg.>> A lot of states became increasingly concerned about drone operation regulation after an incident in 2015 involving the White House. It's reportedly, an intelligence officer who was a little inebriated was flying a drone off a friend's balcony and it blew onto the White House lawn.
And so Congress was really consumed with talking about the need for drone regulation after that.>> 38 states are considering new legislation and restrictions for drones. New Jersey's legislation would impose a punishment of up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine for inebriated or drugged droning.
>> So I talked to a bunch of drone operators, and while they use real expensive equipment. I mean a crash could mean a loss of a thousand dollars for a piece of equipment. And they say they would never risk drunken droning. They do admit that they've been a little tipsy and flown tiny little drones.
And they do worry about overreach. They worry about things like an open container law being passed where if anybody has an open container at a party, nobody can drone. And they don't like that idea.>> If the New Jersey Bill is passed it falls on outgoing governor Chris Christie, to sign it into law, before he leaves office in less than two weeks.
If he doesn't, then the legislation is dead and drunken droning in New Jersey will live to fly another day.