FIRST AIRED: December 23, 2017

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>> He's been the ninth voice on the US Supreme Court for less than a year, but President Donald Trump's appointee Justice Neil Gorsuch is already making his mark. Supreme Court Reporter, Lawrence Hurley.>> He was quick to jump right in there asking questions even in his first few cases, whereas sometimes the new justice will kinda sit back and wait and see what happens before becoming a little bit more assertive.
>> And he's proving to be a kindred spirit of the man he replaced, the late conservative justice Antonin Scalia.>> One thing that's emerged is that he's a very kind of bold and assertive conservative voice. Perhaps even more conservative than people maybe thought. And that he's kind of siding more with Justice Clarence Thomas on the far right of the court rather than sort of in the middle of the court.
>> Nominating the 50-year old Gorsuch to the lifetime job was part of Trump's campaign pledge to move the federal judiciary further to the right. Gorsuch has cited with the courts now five to four conservative majority in two cases involving the death penalty. And has also packed versions of Trump's controversial travel ban on four separate occasions.
After he was nominated, Gorsuch said Trumps attacks on judges who ruled against him on the travel ban were quote, disheartening. But Trump this week denied a Washington Post report that he considered withdrawing the nomination. Saying on Twitter, he was very proud of Gorsuch and the job he is doing.
Trump was able to fill Scalia's seat after Senate Republicans refused to consider former President Obama's nominee, Merrick Garland. Like Scalia and other Conservatives, Gorsuch believes the constitution should be interpreted based on its original meaning focusing on the text of the law.>> Conservative lawyers are delighted with Justice Gorsuch.
He's exactly as advertised.>> As the court rolls into 2018 with big rulings ahead on free speech and gay rights, legal experts say Gorsuch is likely to take on a decisive role.