FIRST AIRED: January 9, 2018

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>> James Damore said he was fired from Google for being a conservative and for being a white guy. The former Google engineer who wrote that infamous memo criticizing the company's diversity efforts sued Google Monday, saying he was the victim of workplace discrimination and retaliation.>> It's hurting a lot of the employees, and it's hurting Google itself by really harassing and making people feel alienated, so that they're not really reaching their full potential.
>> Damore caused an uproar in Silicon Valley last year when he wrote the 10-page internal memo which later became public,>> Asserting that, quote, biological causes are behind gender inequality in the tech industry, and calling women quote more prone to anxiety. Which he says may explain why there aren't more of them in leadership roles.
Now he and another former Google engineer filed the lawsuit as a proposed class action in California, alleging the company failed to protect employees, especially white men and conservatives, from workplace harassment related to their political beliefs.>> This is not about money. This is about changing the behavior and the attitude in Silicon Valley, where now the only acceptable form of discrimination, where everything else is eliminated, is it's okay to disparage, smear, belittle, bully, and discriminate conservatives and white men.
That's not acceptable.>> Reuters legal correspondent, David Ingram.>> So the lawsuit is looking for a couple of things. It's looking for compensation for the damages that these two former employees and the potential class, whatever they've suffered, that they can prove as damages. Damore said in a press conference today that he would like to potentially go back to work at Google.
But in a sense, what the lawsuit is really looking for is some kind of injunction against Google to stop the company from continuing the alleged behavior, which is discriminating against conservatives.>> After he was fired, Damore was embraced by the far right as a brave truth-teller, but a Google official said Damore was fired for violating the company's code of conduct, and for, quote, advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.