FIRST AIRED: September 23, 2016

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>> Syria's agony gets ever worse. Government forces announced the new offense Thursday after a ceasefire collapsed. Rebel held areas of Aleppo facing their heaviest bombardment in months. One witness saying, it seems the jets were trying to compensate for all the days they didn't get to drop bombs during the ceasefire Thousands of miles away in New York, diplomats were trying to revive the peace process.
But the UN Special Envoy to Syria called the talks long, painful, difficult, and disappointing. US Secretary of State John Kerry says Moscow has to prove it's serious about peace.>> This effort has always depended>> On Russia having the will and the wherewithal both to comply and to deliver the Assad regime and its partners.
And in the end, without that compliance, none of this can work.>> The ceasefire deal was sunk by two disputed airstrikes.>> On Saturday US jets hit Syrian government forces in what Washington says was a mistake. Then on Monday at least 20 people were killed in an attack on an aid convoy, which the US says was conducted by Russian planes.
The UN suspended all aid to Syria after those attacks, though some shipments are now going in again. But the situations look gremer than ever. The sis fire dead. Peace talks told and Government forces on the attacked. It's hard to imagine how it could get worst but in Syria it usually does