FIRST AIRED: September 28, 2016

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>> Stay out of our business. That's the message from Beijing to Washington, after news US officials are slapping criminal charges and sanctions on a Chinese company accused of helping North Korea's nuclear program. Beijing and Washington are on the same side when it comes to pressuring Pyongyang to put down its nukes.
So why is China is so angry? Reuters' Ben Blanchard explains.>> Chinese government has already announced its own investigation into this company. But what China always is very upset about is what it sees as unilateral actions taken by other countries. Now in most cases, this refers to the United States.
So as far as China is concerned, this is really the United States interfering in an internal Chinese investigation.>> On the surface, Hongxiang Industrial is a machinery wholesaler operating in the Chinese border town of Dandong. But US officials say it's also acting as an agent for a North Korean bank under US and UN sanctions, setting up shell companies on its behalf around the world allowing the bank to continue doing business.
Beijing's under big pressure from Washington and Seoul to do more to make it's ally, Pyongyang, behave. But it insists there are better ways than sanctions.>> They've repeatedly called for talks with North Korea, or the resumption of the talks process with North Korea. And they also blame the Americans and the South Koreans for creating tensions in the region.
And they say it's unfair simply to pin the blame on China for this and to expect China to assume the entire burden of resolving the North Korean nuclear issue.>> For now at least, sanctions are still the go-to strategy for dealing with the North. The US, in the past week, saying a new UN Resolution is on its way.