FIRST AIRED: September 21, 2016

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>> Apple car speculation swirling Wednesday with reports it had talks with British luxury sports car maker McLaren. This story first reported by the Financial Times and followed by the New York Times saying Apple was interested in investing in the company known for its Formula One race cars. But McLaren quickly denied the reports.
Saying it's quote, not in discussion with Apple. Apple meanwhile declining to comment. Reuters global tech editor, Jonathan Weber.>> So Apple has been quite mysterious about their efforts in the car area. They've never really officially confirmed anything about what they're doing. But they have hired a lot of people there have been various reports and leaks and reporting we've done, for example, shows they've been talking with electric charger manufacturers.
So, they're clearly quite serious about the car business as a major new initiative for them. Exactly how they're going to go about it though remains quite unclear.>> The New York Times also reporting that Apple is in talks with Lit motors, a San Francisco start up, which has developed a two-wheel electric self-balancing motorcycle.
Self-driving electric cars have become a focus for the future by major auto makers But also tech companies from Google to Uber and many big Chinese Internet firms. Apple has invested $1 billion in DiDi Chuxing, the Chinese ride-hailing app, earlier this year. And Silicon Valley will be watching carefully for its next move into the auto industry for any possible signs it could yet again disrupt another industry.
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