FIRST AIRED: September 26, 2016

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>> Not so long ago, those views might have had a place on the conference stage. But it's unlikely whilst this man is in charge. On Monday, Labour members and the wider public got another major steer of where Corbyn's Labour is heading.
>> Labour Shadow Chancellor has called for a manufacturing renaissance in the UK. John McDonnell using his keynote address at the party's annual conference to make his case. The headline policy, an interventionist economic path for post Brexit Britain.>> Be certain, the next Labour government will be an interventionist government.
We will not stand by like this one and see our key industries flounder, and our future prosperity put at risk.>> The announcements unlikely to be to everyone's taste. Even here the close ally of re-elected leader Jeremy Corbin, is a divisive figure. On Sunday, he stood by remarks that the former Tory minister was a stain on humanity, and should be lynched.
>> He shouldn't be using any form of abusive language, of course you shouldn't, that's exactly right. So you've got to express yourself honestly as well. If there is a justifiable anger within certain language, of course it's appropriate. People, they want politicians who, well say what they mean.>> But senior centrist Labour MP's has said he should apologize.
>> And the differences don't stop there. Saturday saw Jeremy Corbyn re-elected leader with an overwhelming majority of support from the party's membership. But on the official opening day of Labour's Liverpool conference, this local pub was packed out with those wanting a different Labour. But Tony Blair, he's that guy that people boo because he had to cheat to win three general elections.