FIRST AIRED: October 10, 2016

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decision on the UK's airport saga to be made this month. Prime Minister Teresa May to announce whether Heathrow or Gatwick will be expanded by 2025. Any further delay to the long awaited ruling could risk economic growth, as both sites near full capacity. Reuters Sarah Young is following developments.
>> This is going to be a really momentous decision. There hasn't been a new full length runway built in the London area since the 1940s and the whole matter of expanding one of the airports in the Southeast has been on the table for 25 years. So lots of people, politicians, economists, airlines have really been waiting for this decision for a really long time.
>> At 18 billion pounds, Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport, would be the most expensive project but it does have the backing of the major airlines. Gatwick says that it can build a runway more quickly and cheaply, and it's rural position means it would disturb fewer people with noise and air pollution than densely populated west London.
But since Brexit, it's definitely become the underdog on one level.>> What's happened since June is that lots of high profile economists and Heathrow itself have come out. They have said that given that Heathrow is the airport that has connections with emerging markets and has many more connections outside of Europe than Gatwick that the Brexit vote really does strengthen the case for expanding Heathrow
>> Both Heathrow and Gatwick say expansion can be funded without government handouts, but Heathrow would need road and rail changes which would require public funds. Whatever the outcome, progress may not be straightforward. Supporters on both sides are already threatening legal action.