FIRST AIRED: October 11, 2016

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>> There are some things that should remain->> A political earthquake rolling through Capitol Hill and the Republican Party Monday, the morning after the second presidential debate. House Speaker Paul Ryan all but conceding Hillary Clinton will likely take the White House in the 2016 elections. Ryan telling GOP lawmakers he will spend the rest of the election season making sure Clinton does not get a blank check with a Democratic controlled House and Senate.
The decision, a massive political defeat for Donald Trump, after the leaked tape showing Trump boasting about seducing and groping women, prompting dozens of Republican leaders to withdraw their support. Campaign reporter Jim Oliphant is on the story.>> Undoubtedly adding to the frustration of some Republicans who wanted to see a more contrite Trump in Sunday's debate, who showed some honest remorse about the videotape, they instead got an extremely aggressive performance.
While it may have excited Republican base voters, it probably turned off the suburban swing voters that Trump so desperately needs if he wants to win the election.>> Sources telling Reuters, Ryan who has had rocky relations with Trump from the start, he's not rescinding his endorsement but will neither defend Trump nor campaign with him.
>> Possibility.>> The move deepens an existential battle within the party between established figures like Ryan and the base of the party who propelled Trump to the nomination in the primaries over a long list of Republican candidates, any of whom would have been more acceptable to the party elite than Trump.
>> Well, it's entirely possible that some Republican's will now follow Ryan's lead and cut ties with Trump. There are others who are going to decide they need those Trump voters to get reelected themselves. And they don't wanna risk alienating them in the coming weeks before the election.>> Trump taking to Twitter Monday saying quote, Paul Ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time fighting the Republican nominee.
And after an emergency conference call late Monday, the Republican National Committee reaffirming its support for Trump, dispelling rumors it might divert funds from his campaign to congressional races.