FIRST AIRED: October 9, 2016

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>> It's hours before the second presidential debate and continued fallout from a Donald Trump tape continues to reverberate, completely changing the calculus of tonight's debate. I'm Amanda Becker, a political correspondent for Reuters, who's been traveling with Clinton for the past 18 months. I'm here in St. Louis outside the hotel where Clinton will continue preparing for tonight's debate.
She's been kind of huddled privately over the last few days, doing last minute preparations for the debate. Of course, those preparations had to shift once this tape of Donald Trump came to light. Her advisors were originally expecting a calmer, kind of more policy focused Donald Trump at the second debate.
That has been thrown out the window after this hot mic tape has surfaced, with Donald Trump saying lewd things about grabbing women. And so I do expect him to be on the defensive again tonight, going into the this debate. Clinton has not addressed the tape that surfaced on Friday, except a short Tweet.
She is saving what she has to say about the tape for tonight's debate. Originally, her team had said she was prepared for anything that Donald Trump could throw her. They expected him to kind of go into problems she had in her marriage in the past. And they said that they were prepared for that, they didn't think it was good strategy on his part, but they were prepared for it.
So if that's how he respond to this tape, they are ready for that and have been for some time. Tonight's debate is a Town Hall format debate, which means that voters in the audience and also voters online will be the ones asking the questions. Of course the tape now has completely dominated the news coverage over the past few days.
It is certainly, probably going to be one of the first questions that's asked about by the audience. There were some things that happened at the same time, the same day that the tape was released. There was another email dump of Clinton's emails from when she was Secretary of State.
A hack revealed additional emails of one of her top advisors, John Podesta. Of course, some of those attached some speeches she gave to Wall Street before she was running that people have been very curious to see. But all of that has been completely overshadowed by this hot mic tape of Trump.
And that is probably going to be the focus, largely, of a big chunk of tonight's debate.>> Wrap it up.