FIRST AIRED: October 6, 2016

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>> Scamming Americans from half a world away, 70 call center workers arrested by Indian police on suspicion of tricking US citizens into sending them money by posing as the IRS. In total, close to 800 workers were detained in raids on 9 call centers outside Mumbai on Wednesday. As Bureau Chief, Youin Rocher reports, up until the bust they ran a tight operation.
>> Initial reports seem to indicate that they may have gotten the names of the text defaulters off the black market, and they flooded people's inboxes with calls saying that you are in default of certain tax payments and asked people to call back. Those people was then asked to make payments either by passing on their bank account details or buying prepaid cards that would allow these people to collect that money.
>> Employees acting as US tax authorities would threaten American victims with arrest. But who were the real people that the unsuspecting targets were dealing with.>> Typically youngsters, typically youth, I'd say, who are below the age of 30, most of them educated up to the 10th, 12th grade.
We've also learned the company was offering them fairly attractive salaries by Indian standards. Anywhere between $150 to $1,000 a month, and incentives based on how much money they were able to get people to cough up via their phone calls.>> While outsourcing to India helps western companies cut costs, there's been frequent allegations of security breaches, including trading private account details for profit.