FIRST AIRED: September 21, 2016

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>> Our information indicates->> A military blame game. The United States accusing Russian jets of bombing an aid convoy to Syria on Monday night. Citing U.S. intelligence that two Russian warplanes were in the skies as the trucks were struck. Moscow denying that it or the Allied Syrian Army took part.
The UN and Red Cross have also blamed an airstrike. 18 trucks of food and medicine burned, up to 21 people killed, 8 to many thousands of desperate people halted in it's wake. But Russia has hinted that militants on the ground attacked the convoy. Reuters Andrew Osborn reports from Moscow.
>> Russia says that what actually happened was that that the cargo the convoy was carrying and for some reason, caught fire. Russia has also published a video which shows a pickup truck, a militant pickup truck, towing a mortar gun. It says that the incident occurred around the same time as militants began a big offensive, in Aleppo.
>> One point of agreement, the strike shattered a week long truce. Despite the outrage, diplomats struggling to rescue the deal, the fruit of months of negotiation.>> Russia, like everyone else, is paying lip service to the idea that there may still be some kind of slim chance of resurrecting the Syria ceasefire.
But the comments coming out of the Kremlin and out of the Foreign Ministry are really very gloomy ones, with Russian diplomats saying that there seems to be very little hope now.>> A death blow to the ceasefire would also kill hopes of a deal during Barack Obama's presidency.
The tall task of ending or even pausing a civil war that's killed more than 400,000 people destined for the entry of the next White House occupant.