FIRST AIRED: October 4, 2016

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>> Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence is taking the debate stage Tuesday night saddled with perhaps the messiest cleanup job ever faced by a Vice Presidential contender. His one on one with Tim Kaine coming on the heels of what could be Trump's worst week so far. A first debate lost to Hilary Clinton, followed by a bizarre Twitter fight with a former beauty queen.
Then a bombshell New York Times article revealing he lost nearly a billion dollars in 1 year and may have eluded taxes for 18, Trump claiming he worked the system brilliantly.>> I have brilliantly used those laws>> And finally Monday's swipe at troops suffering from PTSD.>> When people come back from war and combat a lot of people can't handle it.
>> Reporter Ginger Gibson is in Farmville, Virginia for tonight's debate.>> Donald Trump has had a bad week, and we know that Pence is often his strongest surrogate, responding to criticism, handling places where Donald Trump misspoke. He's going to need to do that for 90 minutes, fielding questions about Trump's position on women, his economic position and whether or not he's paid taxes.
Pence is gonna need to handle those questions while being quick enough on his feet to level his own criticism of their opponent, Hillary Clinton.>> Kaine, of course, will have his own hands full explaining Hillary Clinton's email server and the actions of her family foundation. But Pence has the vastly tougher job, arguing for a candidate who could say or tweet anything at any time.