FIRST AIRED: October 4, 2016

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>> Russia lashing back 'cuz the US walks out on talks to end the bloodshed in Syria.>>
> Some in the Russian establishment though could see this as a way of pushing ahead with their relentless assault.
>> They view the Obama administration as something of a lame duck. Not capable, because there's only few months left of the Obama term to make real decisions. Negotiations will probably renew once the new US president, whoever that is, is in office.>>
They believe they can regain full control of Syria for President Bashar al-Assad, raining down bombs on rebel held areas in Aleppo. But there's also a second school of thought in the foreign ministry.>> They think it's unrealistic that Assad can regain control over Syria after all that has happened and all the divisions and the conflict and all the blood that has been shed.
Therefore, that group within the Russian establishment see it as really important that a negotiation continues because without that, Russia could be stuck in Syria for a very long time.>> What is clear is->> The US has been loathe to get more deeply involved in a third war in the Islamic world.
Officials say it's now considering other options, such as arming Syrian rebel groups. But for now, there's little hope of a diplomatic solution emerging anytime soon.