FIRST AIRED: October 4, 2016

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>> Good news for tennis star Maria Sharapova. Court of Arbitration for Sport almost halving her doping ban from 2 years to 15 months.>> I did fail the test and.>> She tested positive for a drug called Meldonium and said she'd been taking it legally for ten years.
But hadn't noticed when it was added to the list of banned drugs. Reuters global editor Ossian Shine says she got off lightly.>> So ever since anti-doping came in it's been quite clear, it's two year ban for a failed doping test. She failed the test. It should be a two year ban.
And they've cut that now to 15 months. Which of course means that she'll be able to play three out of the four grandstand tournaments next year. Whereas had the ban stood, she'd have missed them all.>> Sharapova appealed against her original two year ban in June, on the grounds that she'd been relying on her management to tell her about changes in banned substances.
Her lawyer also adding that the suspension was unfairly harsh to make an example of doping because she's famous.>> She still says she shouldn't be banned at all. Some athletes, you may recall, their bans were scrapped. Because they were able to prove that meldonium stays in your system for a period of time, after the the ban came in on January the 1st.
So although it was still in their bodies, actually it had been ingested while it was still legal. That was never Sharapova's argument. She said look I took it, I just didn't realize it was illegal. I think this probably the first time that CAS have said well, okay we agree with you.
Maybe it wasn't up to you, to find out that this was illegal.>> On her Facebook page, Sharapova hailing this as one of the happiest days of her career and that she can't wait to be back on the court. The ban will expire just in time for her to play again in the French Open.