FIRST AIRED: September 22, 2016

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>> A call for Chinese officials to get busy. The city of Yichang posting an open letter asking young Communist Party members to have more kids, even urging the old guard to egg them on in the fight against a shrinking population. China ditched the decades old one child policy a while ago.
Adam Jordan explains what's behind this latest call to action.>> What this letter really shows is that the government, at least in this one city is not happy about or convinced that things are happening on their own as fast as they would like. People here are used to the state being involved in family decisions.
In many ways, children are sort of part of a commodity. Before when there was an oversupply that had to be controlled. But now there's a dearth in the labor force and a slow economic growth, children are something to be encouraged.>> It's the sort of command that sounds like a throwback to Mao era China but in reality, the government has cause for concern.
>> Even since the rules announced last year that every couple would be able to have two children. Most people are still fairly skeptical. And not because of the regulations but also because of considerations like will I be able to afford to have more than one child in an increasingly slowing economy.
Where the cost of living, cost of housing is rising fast.>> Beijing's big problem, if more children aren't on the way now, in a decade China won't be able to support massive numbers of elderly people. All their healthcare, pension and other costs are coming in fast. Without a future working population, no one may be around to foot the bill.