FIRST AIRED: September 22, 2016

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A state of emergency declared in Charlotte, North Carolina, Wednesday night. The governor sending in the National Guard and state troopers as chaotic protest rocks the city. Gunfire weapon reaping through the crowds, critically injuring a man. City officials say the shots were fired by a civilian and not an officer.
And haven't yet identified the victim, now on life support. A police officer also being treated for injuries. Reuters' Andy Sullivan is out on the streets.>> The protests show no signs of letting up. Police are still shooting off tear gas and concussion grenades, and some protesters still appear to be breaking windows.
A hotel manager told me that two of his employees were assaulted. We could be in for a long evening here in Charlotte.>> It's the second night of demonstrations in the city, after officers shot and killed a black man on Tuesday. Police claiming 43 year old Keith Scott was armed and refused to drop his weapon.
His family though say he was holding a book. Protests began peacefully with several hundred demonstrators marching through the downtown. But have spiraled into chaos with demonstrators trying to surround riot police and their vehicles. Police have responded by firing tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowd. Officials say they've been very patient so far, but now it's time to, quote restore order.