FIRST AIRED: October 5, 2016

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>> How do you square that with some of the talk of immigrants and control that you also heard at this conference?
I'm Reuters reporter David Green, at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, where Theresa May is trying to push the agenda on, to set out and stake her name to policy that isn't just about leaving the EU. But ultimately everything here is tinged with Brexit. May is trying to speak to those who reject the status quo in the UK's EU referendum, rebranding the establishment for the millions who said they felt left out by it.
And that means topics like immigration. The Home Secretary drew criticism Tuesday for saying UK firms must do more to employ British people. This for the party that again branded itself the Party of Business.>>
>> Well look, we're clear that we've been given a good clear message by the British people that they want us to bring back control of our borders, bring back control of immigration, but we want to do that in a way that supports business, creates jobs, encourages investments.>> As for how, well that's something no one in government is willing to say, assuming they know.
But despite the nagging questions, one prominent former Remain supporter seems upbeat.>> Freed of the statism, and the distinctive regulatory mindset of Brussels and the EU, I think Britain is going to flourish mightily in the years and decades to come.>> Outside the conference hall, and it's not all on message.
Sterling is tumbled since the speeches here began, not liking the hints of a hard Brexit. Setting out her stall is the easy bit. But Theresa May's time will be defined by how she delivers Brexit.