FIRST AIRED: October 4, 2016

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>> Trump was taking from America with both hands and leaving the rest of us with the bill.>> Hillary Clinton out, Monday, with her opening salvo, blasting Donald Trump for claiming a nearly billion dollar loss on his taxes in 1995, potentially slashing his federal tax bill for up to 18 years.
>> What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?>> Campaign reporter, Jim Oliphant.>> Clinton is saying that hey, maybe Donald Trump isn't such a great businessman after all. Saying, in essence, if you've lost $916 million, maybe you can't walk around proclaiming yourself as American's turnaround specialists.
>> This new add hitting social media just before the first of two economic events, Monday in Rust Belt,Ohio. A state where her strong debate last weekend. Trumps off message rant against a former Miss Universe. Have yet to move the needle much if at all in her favor. White male voters, for the most part, staying in Trump's column after one of the worst weeks of his campaign so far.
Ohio's seen as more critical to Trump's hopes for the White House than hers. But still coveted by Clinton as she pulls back into a clear lead over Trump in other battle grounds. Clinton also picking up a plum endorsement, Monday, from Ohio favorite son and NBA super star, Lebron James.
>> Here on Ohio, Lebron will always be the king.>> Few others were able to do what I did.>> Trump moving to right the ship after a wild weekend of attacks on his rival. Telling a rally in Colorado, he had smartly weathered the severe real estate downturn of the early 90s.
>> They were amazing times.>> And quote, brilliantly worked the US tax laws to his own advantage.