FIRST AIRED: October 4, 2016

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>> Significant numbers of Jewish Britain's are seeking to restore their German nationality, post Brexit. Many was stripped of their citizenship by the Nazis. Now, they and their descendants are looking to invoke a German law, to get it back, and continue to reap the benefits of EU membership. I'm Reuters reporter, Mia in Golders Green in North London, an area known for it's large and vibrant Jewish population.
I'm surrounded by kosher butchers, the smell of traditional bakeries, and the hustle and bustle of families as they prepare for the Sabbath. For a community so inextricably linked to it's history, a decision like this is both complex and emotional. Of the estimated 260,000 Jews living in the UK, many remain totally against the idea.
Michael Newmans, the Chief Executive of the Association for Jewish Refugees.>> I mean, I had one of our members on the phone the other day, a refugee who came on the Kinder Transport from Austria. Who was appalled at the idea of anybody expressing any interest or going anywhere near applying for citizenship of a country, that in his eyes, perpetrated the holocaust.
But for others it's perhaps more of a pragmatic or practical measure, so that they can have the option to live or work, travel abroad, as they can do at the moment.>> Some say taking back German citizenship is their natural right. The European Union was born out of a post war determination to bring Europeans together.
But in June, Britain decided to leave, motivated by a desire to regain national control over immigration. Since then, London's German embassies received about 400 inquiries and 100 applications for citizenship. That's up from about 20 inquiries a year. Applicants simply need to prove their identity.>> That's the irony, part of the evidence is the persecution that they or their parentor grandparents suffered.
And the primary evidence in some cases is the passport with the red J. Because the law that they're applying under, specifically reinstates it because it was revoked, because of National Socialism.>> Some are waiting to hear the exact terms of Brexit before making a decision. One with such emotional baggage, that it can only be made by each individual.