FIRST AIRED: September 29, 2016

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A familiar wave of anger erupting on American streets on Wednesday night. Chants of murder and black lives matter. Demonstrators demanding a federal investigation into the shooting of an unarmed black man by police in Southern California.>> Police are a terrorist. Killing people more than ISIS.>> Reuters' Dan Whitcomb is on the scene.
>> I'm standing in front of Poncho's Tacos here in Alkoholna, a San Diego suburb. This has been the epicenter of protests here in this suburb over the shooting of an unarmed black man, Alfred Alongo. The past two days have seen a number of street protests. Culminating earlier this evening in a tense standoff between the demonstrators and police.
>> Tensions began on Tuesday after Alongo was seen walking around in traffic. He had a history of drug and weapon convictions, and report say he was mentally ill. Police say they approached him and opened fire when he pulled something from his pocket. But no gun was found on his body.
Authorities say they have a cell phone footage of the shooting from a bystander but they've only released a still frame showing Olongo aiming an unidentified object at two officers. Protesters on Wednesday night demanding that the whole video should be made public. One person who has seen it is El Cajon Mayor, Bill Wells.
>> I saw a man who was distraught, a man who was acting in ways that looked like he was in great pain. And I saw him get gunned down and killed and it broke my heart.>> According to Wells the FBI has joined the investigation alongside the San Diego county district attorney.
Police say the cellphone video will be released once the probe is complete.