FIRST AIRED: September 23, 2016

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>> Like the hip hop groups.>> Don't tell me what to say.>> Hillary Clinton gamely parked between two ferns with Zach Galifianakis on Funny or Die.>> You need to get out more.>> What happens if you become pregnant? Are we gonna be stuck with Tim Kaine for nine months?
How does this work?>> I could send you some pamphlets.>> Just the latest love letter from Clinton to the so far elusive millennial voters. Polls show 18 to 34-year-old millennials steering clear of Trump, but not flocking to Clinton in anywhere near the numbers she hoped for after the exit of Bernie Sanders, whom they adore.
>> That even if you're totally opposed to Donald Trump, you may still have some questions about me. I get that.>> With her lead now razor thin, Emily Stevenson says it's a trend Clinton can't afford.>> Clinton in most polls is doing less than 50% with millennials, which is a problem compared to President Obama who got 60 plus percent of young people in both of his campaigns.
The problem is that third party candidates like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are picking up support. That's kind of keeping her from getting Obama numbers. If she is doing 10, 12 points less, then she has to make that up somewhere else.>> Another worry, while Clinton has fared well with minority voters, many young voters of color, black, Asian, and Latino, are holding out.
>> People also have concerns about whether she's trustworthy. They have heard a lot about her emails. And they feel like they don't know as much about what she wants to do for them. They feel like she hasn't made enough of a case, other than just don't vote for Trump.
Currently, I think a lot of people feel like they don't want Trump to be president, but they don't feel like Clinton has given them much reason to vote for her.>> Fighting for kids, and young people and families, that has been the cause of my life.>>
>> Clinton working to connect by talking about her own youth and focusing on jobs.>> A good job that pays well.>> In recent days, Clinton getting backup from the brightest names in the party. Not only Sanders, but fiery Senator Elizabeth Warren.>> It's an opportunity agenda, it's an American agenda.
>> It's always hard to get younger people to turn out and vote, and so she really needs them to be excited about her, if she's gonna get them out on election day.>> The fear, without a stronger case many millennials might just stay home, making Clinton's once clear path to the White House a much dicier prospect.