FIRST AIRED: September 22, 2016

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>> The latest of the EU's top brass ushered into Downing Street but still no sign of movement. EU Parliament President Martin Schulz meeting Theresa May to discuss, you guessed it, Brexit. Different messenger but it may be a similar message, we're waiting.>> I'm here to listen and to learn also about the state of preparation here about your catching for the negotiations.
>> Britain's Prime Minister yet to say when exactly the UK will trigger Article 50, starting official Brexit negotiations. And, she's been tight-lipped about what exactly, the UK stance is likely to be.>> Similar talks are set to go on behind closed doors for some time but when it comes down to it, there may just be two real options on the table.
I'm Watcher's reporter Jacob Greece in Downing Street, where Theresa May fundamental question might be whether to soft or hard Brexit.>> In reality that means whether to stay in the single market, or exit without much of a trade deal but there's unlikely to be any freebies. Free trade would likely mean free movement.
Schulz in London said he wants a deal that's good for Britain and the EU, similar sentiment to his counterpart Donald Tusk who made the same trip recently. And on Thursday, May did express the importance of EU relations.>> While we're going to leave the European Union, we want the EU to continue to be strong and have a close relationship with it.
>> But it seems we're still a long way off, knowing exactly what close will mean.