FIRST AIRED: September 28, 2016

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>> Testimony in the Bridgegate trial Tuesday for the first time implementing New Jersey governor, Chris Christie. Suggesting Christie knew about a plot to close lanes to the George Washington Bridge during rush hour in order to punish the mayor of a small town. Tuesday's testimony coming from the prosecution's star witness, former Christie associate David Wildstein.
Wildstein was accused of conspiring with Christie's former Deputy Chief of Staff, Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni, a former Port Authority executive. Wildstein pled guilty and is now cooperating with the government in a case against his alleged coconspirators. Reuters correspondent Joseph Ax is covering the trial in federal court in Newark.
>> Well Wildstein said that he and Baroni essentially bragged about the scheme to Christie. And what Wildstein said on the stand was that Baroni told the Governor, kind of sarcastically, hey governor, there's a lot of traffic in Fort Lee right now and the mayor's very upset because he can't get his calls returned.
And the governor kinda responding in the same sarcastic manner said, well, I wouldn't expect his calls would be returned. And so that was taken to be not only evidence that Christie was aware of what was happening at the time, but that Christie understood that there was a link between the traffic that had been created there and the desire to punish the mayor for not endorsing his reelection campaign.
>> The closure's gridlocked the town for five days. Wildstein testifying that he and his coconspirators gloated while the town suffered.>> Then the got a text message from the Mayor saying that kids were getting stuck trying to get to school on school buses for hours on end. And the response from Kelly in text message that prosecutors showed to the jury was, is it wrong that I'm smiling right now?
>> The so-called Bridgegate scandal widely seen as ending Chris Christie's hopes for the White House. But Christie has emerged as a strong ally of GOP nominee Donald Trump, even heading up for the candidates transition team. Chris Christie is not on trial and has never been charged with crime in connection with the scandal.
Christie insisting he had no knowledge of what his underlings were up to