FIRST AIRED: September 29, 2016

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> 600 more US troops heading for Iraq pushing the total of American forces there back over 5,000. The word coming from Defense Secretary Ash Carter as Iraq gears up for a massive push to retake the city of Mosul, Islamic State's Northern stronghold. US troops in Iraq had dwindled to only a handful as recently as 2011, but the rise of Islamic State has sent waves of US troops back to Iraq.
Technically in noncombat advisory roles, but several US troops have died since the buildup resumed. White House correspondent Jeff Mason.>> Surely there is danger. These troops are being moved closer and closer to the front lines even though they are in advise and assist role. It is certainly a dangerous operation no matter what their exact duties are.
>> Mason says for President Obama, it's a bitter pill.>> Here's President Barrack Obama in the fall of 2016 just months before he leaves office. Concluding his presidency by having to send more troops back to a country that he basically railed against the fact that we had troops there in the first place, thanks to the Iraq war.
And he's doing it because he has to. And he's doing it because the legacy of Islamic State is part of his legacy as well and he wants to stop it. But it is still an irony.>> The move comes as Islamic State reels from a series of setbacks on the ground in Iraq, Syria, and Libya.
The campaign to retake Mosul delayed several times, is expected to begin within months.