FIRST AIRED: September 22, 2016

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>> The London Underground carries more than a billion people a year on 400 kilometers of track, many of them travelling to and from work during the rush our, not noticing the finer points of the design surrounding them.>> It's a love hate relationship for many daily commuters squeezed into crowded trains, especially if they can't get a seat.
I'm Reuters reporter Stuart McDill. No shortage of seats on this particular train, but if you can't get a seat normally, now you can buy one.>> Transport for London is celebrating their rich history of design with a collection of furniture, accessories, prints, and lighting allowing you to take the underground home.
The designer of the chair is head of design at, Ruth Wassermann.>> And for me, those classic Victoria line seats with the really springy seating, they're very iconic and the shape is very iconic. So you can see that the shape of the chair was taken very directly from that.
>> Previous license deals have included Nike trainers, themed restaurants, and even a fashion label. TFL branding was inspired by the powerhouse movement from the 1930s onwards and still is today. Whether it's maps, posters, fabrics or flooring now available in your living room.>> TFL design is very much fit for purpose, but it's also beautiful.
That's the whole point of it, that we have a beautiful collection. We want to highlight it through a licensing program. We want to work with designers who reinterpret our collection for the 21st century so that we have a whole new generation who can explore our designs.>> Taking the underground home, taking on a whole new meaning.