FIRST AIRED: September 22, 2016

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>> The cyber attackers who hack Collin Powell's email striking again Thursday, this time targeting the White House. The hacking group DC Leaks believed to have ties to Russia, releasing dozens of emails it said came from the account of a White House staffer. Among them an apparent copy of First Lady Michelle Obama's passport.
The staffer identified as Ian Malone, who is also on Hillary Clinton's campaign, seemingly used a Gmail account to discuss White House travel and logistics. Cybersecurity correspondent Dustin Volts.>> This is really another day, another leak for Washington's powerful and connected. We've seen a number of leaks come out this summer against Democratic party organizations and now increasingly, we're seeing these leaks come out targeting just influential people in government or around government.
It's not necessarily clear cut that using a Gmail account or a private email account in conducting official government business is going to make yourself vulnerable to attack. There are concerns about that, but government accounts have been breached, as well. It's not an either or, it really comes down to the individual who's being targeted and often, how diligent they are about securing their systems, and not clicking on malicious links, and not falling into the traps that many others have fallen into who are hacked.
>> White House spokesman, Josh Earnest.>> Obviously, we take any reports about a cyber breach seriously, particularly if it may include some sensitive information. At this point, I cannot speak to the authenticity of the information that's been released.>> All of this coming a week after the group embarrassed former Secretary of State Powell with the release of emails in which Powell called Trump a national disgrace and said Clinton quote, screws up everything she touches with her hubris.