FIRST AIRED: October 8, 2016

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>> Then forget the
] wrap, I mean give me a break.>> On a day when most candidates might be hitting the briefing books for Sundays make or break second debate. Donald Trump's spending a tumultuous day spouting off message remarks and putting out fires. Friday morning, Trump trying out a new theory, why illegal immigrants are, in his words, pouring over the US-Mexico border.
>> They're letting people pour into the country, so they can go and vote. It's a disgrace.>> Campaign reporter, Andy Sullivan.>> Trump was saying that illegal immigration is spiking because people wanna come in to the country and vote against him, which isn't possible. First of all, they'd have to secure their citizenship somehow, so that just doesn't really stand up to reality.
>> Well, it'll be a lot different if I get elected.>> It's not surprising that he's not exactly burying his head in the briefing books ahead of this debate. I'm sure he's saying to himself look, my free wheeling approach has worked so far, why should I change now?
>> Hours later Friday Trump even further off message weighing in on the so called Central Park Five. Who were convicted in jail for years in a brutal attack on a jogger then fully exonerated and paid $40 million in a settlement. Trump who called for the death penalty after their arrest saying he still thinks the five are guilty.
Trump then forced to apologize for grossly demeaning remarks he made about women with Billy Bush in a shocking 2005 auto recording released by the Washington Post. Trump who already has massive problems with women voters swinging into damage control, dismissing the tape as mere locker room banter.